Windows 98

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Microsoft Windows 98 was an update to Windows 95 with a better user interface, some multimedia enhancements, more drivers, and better RAM use.

This entry also includes Windows 98 Second Edition, or 98SE, is a variation on Windows 98 with a few extras.

While Windows 98 is an adequate operating system choice for older computers, it is nowhere near as secure or crash-proof as Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Peculiar things about the 9x series:

  • All versions of Windows between 95 and ME have a peculiar problem where, if too many programs are installed, the computer starts hanging at shut down which inevitably leads to more and worse problems. One method to help slow this descent into madness is to select “Restart in MS-DOS mode” and then turning off the computer when you see a command line.
  • Windows 9x really needs 64 megs of RAM minimum to run effectively but doesn’t use 128 very effectively. Windows 95 doesn’t use anything past 64 megs of RAM but this should be considered the bare minimum. Anything less is inadequate.
  • Windows 95 was never designed as a networked operating system and Win98 is only a slight update. Security on Windows 9x is very lax. If you are still running 98 and using it to connect to a broadband Internet connection, it is advised you invest in a firewall.
  • It may take a few minutes after bootup for networking to find shared folders on other computers.
  • Password protection on Windows 9x is nonexistant – just hitting escape when prompted will usually do the trick. Software is available to setup real password protection.


  • Unofficial Windows 98 Service Pack – As Microsoft no longer supports this product and never offered a service pack despite a wide number of updates and patches, this patch was place together.
  • Windows 98 Shutdown Supplement – Free – “This patch addresses shutdown issues on systems with specific hardware/software configurations running Windows 98 Second Edition. The issues include systems restarting when the user selects the Shut Down command and systems hanging during the shutdown process.”
  • How to remove Internet Explorer from Windows 98 ( – Article. Make your Windows 98 less bloated.
  • ieradicatorFreeware. A tool for Windows 9x to remove Internet Explorer 3.x till 6.x. Not for NT-based Windows.
  • Revenge of Mozilla – Freeware. Replace Internet Explorer at Windows 98 FE or SE with Mozilla with a few simple clicks.
  • 98Lite – commercial tool to remove excess components from 98 and thus speed up and make more secure the OS. Great for slower systems (p200 or less).
  • EOS Windows – Commercial. Run Windows 98 FE/SE or Windows ME on a 16 MB compact flash, among others.
  • LiteStep – A Window Maker-like window manager for Windows. Excellent replacement for Explorer shell.


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