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A File sharing client for Windows, closed source.

WinMX was originally a client for Napster and OpenNap servers that could connect to many servers at the same time. In version 2.50 it was extended with a proprietary decentralized network called “WPNP”. Later versions introduced decentralized chat and multi-source downloading.

WinMX is one of the largest file sharing networks, and one of the few programs which supports double-byte characters in search strings, a vital feature for languages such as Japanese.Latest versions (3.x) introduce long-awaited method of search – by hash. This network is especially good for searching for .mp3 files.


NapMX – a tool that increases the usefulness of MP3 searching by updating OpenNap server list.

WinMX Hash Database – A website full of hashes for WinMX. Make sure that what you think you are downloading actually is what you want to be downloading.

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