Working Openly

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A method of doing work in ways that let all people see the process and freely share in the results.

People who regularly contribute to the Public Domain, like those here at infoAnarchy, are the key people to organize around for such work. This is the purpose of the Open People ( network.

A particular challenge is to show how such work can serve private interests. This is the subject of An Economy for Giving Everything Away (


Minciu Sodas (, an open laboratory for independent thinkers, has set up a Working Openly Web ( to help us all work around such people. In particular, the idea is to provide infrastructure for assembling teams for work opportunities, including private work. Our public work together and investment in each other’s projects allows us to respond quickly to work opportunities. Our ability to find part-time work as needed allows us to work further on our own projects.

If you would like to participate at the Open People ( network, please write to Andrius Kulikauskas, Direktorius of Minciu Sodas, at ms-at-ms-dot-lt or sign up at this wiki page ( We hope to bring our energy to venues in the Public Domain such as infoAnarchy, for example, in the form of virtual flash mobs as needed to support events.

In particular, the Working Openly Web can link to various wikis such as infoAnarchy for relevant topics. We can then propagate by hand information back and forth between the two, so they complement each other in a cooperative. In particular, the infoAnarchy wiki is a great place to link to participants here, and all topics related to the free flow of information. It would also be a more logical location for our registry, which is currently at the KM Wiki.

Andrius: I’m using the Working Openly Web to organize interests of all manner of people who work openly, and indeed, all manner of independent thinkers. Independent thinkers have a shared value of “caring about thinking”, and that includes “thinking relevantly” which I think fits with the concerns of infoAnarchy. So I’ll start a page here on Thinking Relevantly so as to better link to the work here, and organize it from the perspective of how it fosters “thinking relevantly”.

Andrius: How might the Open People network and the Working Openly Web be useful for infoAnarchy?

Let’s please use this page to be in touch.

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