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Home Page: http://www.xandros.net

A commercial Linux distribution, Xandros specializes in the same market as Lindows – the desktop and astranged Microsoft customers. Not available for free download.

From the Homepage:

Xandros Desktop is an easy to use, highly compatible Linux distribution for desktop computer users. It provides an alternative operating system environment that is simple to install, configure and use, provides extensive Microsoft Windows OS and network compatibility, and harnesses the power of Linux to provide a viable, highly functional and reliable Linux desktop that is easy to use.


Formerly Corel Linux, Won Show Favorite at LinuxWorld Expo February 2000. The distribution was dropped by Corel after an investment by Microsoft, suggesting that Corel’s offering was something to be feared. The service was later picked up by the Xandros Corporation. This distribution offered excellent Windows networking and is a great small server choice.

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