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Home Page: http://www.zinf.org

GNU Page: http://www.gnu.org/directory/all/zinf.html

Zinf is an extensible, cross-platform audio player. It was formerly known as Free Amp; as per the zinf web site “Zinf is based on the FreeAmp source code. However, AMP is a trademark of PlayMedia Systems, Inc., and therefore the original name of the project cannot be used any longer. On this website the old project will be referred to as FreeA*p.”

Zinf is a free audio player that is skinnable (and compatible with Winamp skins) and runs on multiple platforms including Windows and most unices. it also is part of the MusicBrainz network which is a project to create an open encyclopedia of music.

Zinf features an optimized version of the GPLed Xing MPEG decoder, a powerful music browser and playlist editor, and a built in download manager which supports downloading files from sites using the RMP (RealJukebox) download process, and a number of the most common features users have come to expect in a clean, easy to use interface.

It is a great alternative to the (partly) proprietary Winamp.

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